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26th July 2019

The Holiday Spirit!

Driving to and from holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia yesterday, I was suddenly taken aback by how bright the area looked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very pretty area at the best of times, especially Peyia with the rolling hills as a backdrop – though the coastline at Coral Bay takes some beating too! No , what took my attention was how colourful the area was…..

Of course! Holiday clothes! That’s what makes the difference! Watching the many, many tourists milling around in their carefully chosen, happy and bright colours, makes a big difference from seeing the everyday jeans and black for which the Cypriot locals are famous!

I had to park up near Coral Bay, to take in the beautiful long , floaty dresses I was seeing – and the ladies looked even better! Only joking! Most of the men were dressed in simply, light coloured shorts and tops – though I’ll admit I’ve seen enough budgie smugglers to last me a lifetime! We honestly should ban them!

However, these ”happy” clothes seemed to be making people seem happier and ”lighter of spirit”. Families in varying colours and  styles; young couples, loved up and in ”bright , sexy stuff” and the lovely oldies, matching in lights and gently strolling in the sunshine. It struck me that I wasn’t drawn to size, age or shape – just to the holiday palette that makes up this area during the summer months. It’s great!

Mind you, I also could have been arrested for seemingly stalking in a public place! Good job I was in uniform black dress and almost unseen LOL!

Come and be happy! Wear what you like, how you like and when you like – as long as you cover up what others may not like!

Email for deals on villas with clean pools and apartments in a great location to (Now I better go and get out of my PJs and into something more work orientated!).

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