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18th October 2019

The Hole Story!

Well, what started out as a curious amount of water coming from two small patches of ground behind one of the gorgeous complexes in Peyia, turned into quite a saga!

Peyia is a village – but a growing village whose residents have pushed the water supply almost to the limit . Add the extreme heat and many tourists and the system can creak, groan and breakdown – as do the staff in the municipality who have to deal with complaints about low water pressure and worse!

Still, we all try very hard to not misuse this vital supply and to understand that much work is being done to ensure a constant supply of water. So when these two leaks were discovered, this was duly reported to the people in charge of water so that as little unnecessary loss of this vital supply , happened.

Response was swift and effective. One large hole in the ground later and two leaks on the mains water pipe, were repaired. Job done!

Except for the large hole in the road. An access road, used regularly by people and vehicles…….

Almost 2 months later, much debate, many heated arguments and head scratching and it turns out that those in charge of water, are not responsible for holes in the roads: even if they cause them whilst repairing village water supply after those who walk on the road, tipped them off about water loss.

So two choices: local residents on the complex have to pay to have the hole repaired – or live with it, damaging their cars and risking injury.

Luckily, the owners on this particular complex, are responsible and sensible adults, so had the hole repaired at their cost. In fact, they would have had the hole repaired immediately had those at the top responded to questions about when it was going to be repaired, as quickly as those who reported the leak, reported it!

Still, all’s well that ends well – or should the residents have allowed a ”well”?

It’s all in a days living here in this wonderful village!

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