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1st January 2010

The Hippy, hippy shake!

Happy Belated New Year! Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy and loving one……

Ours began with a late New Years Eve call to say Mum was in an ambulance being rushed to the local hospital. On our arrival there, we discovered Mum had fallen going IN to the restaurant and had broken her hip……

Two days on, she is waiting for a definitive date for her op (probably tomorrow now). At least she is feeling more comfortable today and the staff at the Royal Artemis, are wonderful.

The team there have had fun at our familys expense though: they think its hilarious that:

– daughter, driver and carer (me) has a broken wrist which is in pot

– husband of patient (Jim) has a split head and stitches in it – and some days believes he is a fire engine (he is 83 and not quite that bad but heading that way)

– husband (mine) wanted his elbow x-rayed coz he hurt it gardening

– Mum (patient) developed fluid on knee and bad chest immediately upon admission for broken hip, so needed treatment for all three things

……….at least we’re keeping the local medics in business!!

I was stressed today and in pain but we needed to get to see Mum: arriving there and talking to the people in the cafe/outside the hospital, I was brought back to reality with a bump: they each had very sad stories about their Christmas stay here which has resulted in serious illness or accident – but they were all smiling and saying how wonderful the Cypriots were, especially in the hospital……… happens but I’m glad we’re here rather than anywhere else.

The owner of the hospital, Dr Theo, even visited each of his patients and their visitors last night and offered them (no, insisted they take) a small glass of whisky with him to celebrate the New Year! Mum enjoyed hers, in her room, while also smoking a ciggie! Now THAT wouldn’t be allowed in many other hospitals. If I can get the doc to convert to brandy, I’m booking myself in for my next break!

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