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12th May 2020

The Hilltop Gang.

So Big Summer is here and the world of Peyia is looking sparkly and golden – though very quiet!

Not so quiet is the area around our home. The Hilltop Gang of feral cats, who’ve decided we are their people, are making themselves at home with gusto! Driving Barney T Rubble mad – and making me laugh with their growing confidence and silly ways.

When I get up in the mornings, which I have to do on an earlier and earlier basis, to stop the cat-a-waling which goes on if I don’t, at least Brucie and Angel kitten are sitting on the step waiting for me.

Without care, they come marching into the kitchen, have a look around and decide food isn’t here so are happy to walk with me to the pump house, downstairs! Luckily, Barney T Rubble is a little indisposed at the moment, with a horrible eye problem and equally horrible, ”dog guard” around his neck, so by the time he rouses himself to come and give chase, the twosome are safely downstairs!

Angel is growing well and seems to have recovered from a recent injury, very well indeed. She won’t let me near her but allows me to feed her – and follows Brucie everywhere! Harry is Harry. Shouts a lot and loves to get cuddles – but hasn’t learned the art of cleaning himself so is a bit smelly. We’re in discussion about this!

In all , this little gang of three are doing well – and I’m very happy that they chosen us. Just wish they’d stop laughing at Barney’s collar!

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