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1st January 2010

The Hills are Alive…..

Whoopee! We’ve got a full weekend off! Garry and Yvonne are doing the arrivals and departures so Tony and I can chill out a bit! I’m so excited! Will get my washing done, start on the ironing mountain and maybe even dust/clean……or I could just concentrate on sorting out a wedding we are doing in Aug?

Yes, I’ll do that: much more fun and also exciting!!

I cannot concentrate enough to clean: our hillside in Peyia is filled with activity today. There must be a wedding in the main church coz the bells are ringing happily/horns going on the many cars filled with wedding guests – and there are lizards running everywhere!

I’ve just picked up a pile of towels (all used to stem the flood from the washer the other day) and have disturbed “Sir Eddie Izzard” – the biggest lizard I’ve seen in these parts – and he wasn’t very happy about being woken up!

He is so big, even Charly cat shied away from him (though Molly gave him her best “get off my turf” bark!).

We seem to have been surrounded by birds this morning too. There is birdsong everywhere too: one particular bird is shouting louder than the others – must be the leader!

Its wonderful. I’m gonna sit on The Thinking Step at the front of our villa and just listen and watch the village for a while, I think. I can see the boats skimming the waters along the Coral Bay coastline and can almost smell the freshness of the sea from where I’ll sit.

Jake likes The Thinking Step too – though he takes up all three of them due to his size. Alfie and Molly have to push in to get a space, which annoys Jake and makes him go and hide under the bushes!

Speaking of hiding, we used to be the people parents of a very silly but totally great, Old English Sheepdog called Henri (but you are not staying – to give him his full title). Henri used to sit in the garden, behind the pampas grass and hide: or rather close his eyes so he couldn’t see you which he believed meant, you couldn’t see him!

As he grew (to be enormous) and the pampas grass didnt match the growth, we used to stand and laugh at this big daft, gentle beast playing hide and seek with us whilst being totally on view to the world………..very funny!

Jake is clever than that: he digs escape holes/tunnels under the bushes so he can get in them and pull the bushes over him! Tony isn’t too keen on this game!

Oh, I can now hear the goats bells: they must be on their way up the hill with their babies – gotta go and watch them!

Category: Cyprus Villas News