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30th June 2017

The heat is on!

So, Tony and I are back from an extremely eventful and completely unplanned adventure which started off as a much needed holiday with two great friends and became a little of a mystery tour – with the temptation to cause bodily harm to a couple of people thrown in! Anyway, was great fun and all is well that ends well.

There really is no place like home though and I’m so very happy to be back in Peyia. I’m one of the ”sad” people who love their work: I think maybe coz I think so very much of our team and really enjoy working with the villa and apartment owners – and the holiday guests. It’s a real ”people thing” but , as you know, people bring many challenges.

I’ve been giggling just now with one of our superb housekeeping team. In the past week, they’ve had to see and hear things which would make a lessor person run in fear! Take two examples: it’s so hot that, when a lady living on a complex we care for wanted to tell the housekeeping team something, she chose to do so, naked under her short nightie on a very windy day, from a 5th floor balcony! It would have been rude not to look at the lady but the ”rudey” nature of the vision made the girls look away.

Then today, while working on another complex, the lovely wife of one of the committee , invited her husband to get his hose pipe out for the girls – then told him off for playing with it and not giving it to them!

Childish humour I know but in 42 plus degree heat, we need to have a great giggle!

Anyway, summer is here. The villas and apartments are full and we’ve the joy in our hearts to help us through the challenges , fun and season ahead. Bring it on!

We’ve still got some wintersun deals available, so do get in touch and book your fun in the Cyprus sunshine, here in Peyia or Coral Bay. Email to

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