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7th July 2012

The heat is ON!

In the past 24 hours, the temperature here in Peyia and Coral Bay, has increased by around 4 degrees. Its so very hot today, its hard to walk outside in it. The pool is the only place to be!

With holiday makers arriving to check into wonderful villas in Coral Bay, Kissonerga and Peyia today, our team are going to be steaming hot welcoming the guests – and I’m going to be the worst by far!

Being a ‘lady of a certain age’, my internal furnace needs no encouragement – and I’m not talking George Clooney temptation here – I’m talking straight forward living breathing heat furnace which has broken into my body and is taking me over at the most inappropriate times………

There are only so many ways to say ‘sorry I look like I’ve just been showered’……. and only so much waterproof mascara in the world…………think I’m going to have to relocate the office and key collection to our pool coz I cannot step out of it without burning up!

Course, in UK, we hear most people are in water anyway so they shouldnt mind the water………? ! Sorry, couldn’t resist and we DO feel for you – which is why we’ve got some great last minute offers on villas in July…….go on, have a look. You know you want to! Before I burst into flames, if you don’t mind …..