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26th April 2017

The Happy Shed

Well, Easter is over and May is on the horizon. I was driving through Peyia village a couple of days ago, where I watched 4 ”men from the Municipality”, gently lay Jesus down from his spot near the village clock, (which looks like a Caramel bar) and place him on the back of the truck with Mr and Mrs Constipated chicken.

The Chicken family seemed happy. From what I could see, Mr Constipated Chicken had gathered the cement flowers to give to his Mrs, almost by way of a peace offering for their ”annual stint in the limelight” being over and them having to retreat to a shed until next Easter.

I suppose having Jesus at your side until you can venture out to ”star” on a roundabout near you, is a great thing too, so all is well  – though the thought of them all, sharing a shed for a year and discussing what they’d seen and how many times they’d been photographed, did make me smile!

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