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1st January 2010

The Happy He Is Home, song………

Alfie came home to us from the vet, on Friday evening. We’ve had to learn how to clean, pack and bandage his awful wound but he’s home.

I don’t know who is the happiest: Alfie coz he’s with his people and family – and can sleep on the double bed downstairs! Molly , coz she loves her big furry brother and likes to snuggle up against him; Charlie cat, who keeps flying in through the window and “washing” Alfies face – or Jake, who keeps sitting down and “singing” happy Jake songs to his brother and to me!……

We’ve a long road ahead to full recovery but Alfie is amazing: funny, loving and patient. I’m a nervous wreck: squeamish and unable to eat at the moment but Tony is helping and at least we’re all together.

I’m just a little nervous that I’ll get a bit confused and try to put gel and bandages on some of the villa holiday guests who I’m off to check in to lovely villas in Coral Bay, later today!

Mind you, as some of our favourite holidaymakers, like Bob and Caz, haven’t been too well (in Bobs case), perhaps my newly learned nursing skills will come in helpful!

With a HUGE thank you to Annie and Nicolas, Alfies vets in Peyia, who’ve brought him this far, we wish you all a happy, waggly tailed and songful Sunday!

Category: Cyprus Villas News