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1st January 2010

The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie Floozie – tales which shouldn’t be told……….

Firstly, THANK YOU both: Susie for dog sitting so we could get three much needed days away from the normal day to day stuff and work; and The Great Raymondodoulou, for looking after their house and cats so Susie could stay at ours. We don’t tell you enough but you are both FANTASTIC………….

Actually, they are both completely barmy. Take this recent example: Susie is fit and likes to go jogging. Yes, she really LIKES to go jogging. Course when you jog in the heat and you are a traditionally built woman rather than one with a nicely shaped gap between your legs, you can fall foul to a nasty rash…….

Which she did…….

But all is well, coz Margaret , SFs trusty friend, was on hand to give advice ie put TCP on it (Or Savlon) and , though it will sting, it will clear it up quickly. So Susie did.

Except she’s getting on a bit and didn’t read the tube so, when The Great Raymondodoulou couldn’t find his expensive tooth whitening cream, Susie rechecked the tube on the stuff which she’d applied to her nether regions and which are KILLING her – and, yes, it was tooth whitening cream……………..

We gave Susis a rousing chorus of “Get off your horse and drink your wine”…….when she walked ever-so-gently into the restaurant on Saturday night.

It would be awful if it wasn’t so funny (and I’ve her permission to write about this but we aren’t allowed to take photos – thankfully!)….


Category: Cyprus Villas News