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1st January 2010

The Great Raymondodoulou and birthday greetings

Today, is the birthday of TGR. No , I don’t know how old he is: he told us an age yesterday but I think he was just having a laugh. Normally, people say “as old as my gums but younger than my teeth” – which I have to say, in The Great Raymondodoulous case, is perfectly right

At least for 4 of his teeth, are new to him – one so new it isn’t even in yet!…………….(oh, am I in trouble now!)

Anyway, celebrations are in order. He is totally wonderful as is his partner in crime, Susie F (cannot write out the full name for fear of being doubly punched).

We had lunch with them yesterday at Neptune Hotel. They are great fun and we had a laugh as well as a few beers (and great yorkshire puddlings, Stavros!). Sue had been up since 5am (she goes to the dogs early in the mornings whereas I go to the dogs quickly after 7pm each evening. Her duties are voluntary and help animals : my journey is one of pure tiredness and losing my mojo for a few hours!).

Don’t know what the pair of them are up to tonight but wanted to wish Raymondo a wonderful birthday and give Susie a big cuddle. They think we cavort with them just for blog fodder! Honestly! How could they!? There are far more interesting subjects………………………..(oh, am SERIOUSLY in trouble now!!!!).

Chronia Pola kai mines a pint birthday boy!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News