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1st January 2010

The Great , in pain, Raymondodoudoloulou

Poor Ray! He spent yesterday in the chair of a friendly local dentist who took over 3.5 hours to drill, cut, prod and implant into the delicate gums of our gorgeous toothless friend Ray (well, not really toothless – and not anymore!)

Ray is now in agony and has a very swollen face. Poor thing. Tooth ache is bad at the best of times but this sounds like agony. And he cannot drink to make himself feel a little better!

Susie is going to give up drink too, until Ray is feeling better- or I call in for a GnT: whichever is the soonest……… I’m calling round there very soon, think Ray looses out again but we can at least offer him sympathy!!

Thinking about it, I’d quite like to hear him say his “doudoloulou ” name at the moment – isnt easy at the best of times but would be too difficult today!

but its gonna make me laugh trying to get him to do it, hee hee !!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah x

Category: Cyprus Villas News