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1st January 2010

The gods are crying…..

Today, the gods seem very upset. They are crying so heavily, we’ve got rivers running down the roads in Peyia. They’ve also sent the goddess of lightning who seems intent on ‘getting’ Sam, our Eating Monster. We think this is because today is her birthday and she is trying to tell us all she is under 35!!

She is surrounded by chocolate, cards and pressies and has a huge pink balloon on her desk but the lightning keeps trying to nip into the office and get the balloon – and all around it. Its funny and a little scary to watch!!

Bob and Caz, who’ve just gone home after a wonderful stay in Villa Kastelloriso in peyia, will believe Cyprus is crying because they aren’t here – which could be very true also!

I love the rain – but I feel like crying for the lovely families who are here on holiday in the gorgeous villas such as Lily May and Stavroulla in peyia. Its not easy to entertain a family when its raining even when you are at home. Here, its harder if you don’t know where to go etc.

Luckily, they’ve got and we are more than happy to help them! Personally, if I were on holiday in the rain, I’d eat chocolate, watch movies and drink coffee (or a sneaky GnT) – and I’ve shared this pearl of wisdom with them! After all, this is what we are doing in the office, Hic!

Happy Birthday , Eating Monster!xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News