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1st January 2010

The god of good nature …………

Jakes teacher was here again this morning. Apparently, he is a “star pupil” who learns easily and obeys commands………until she leaves and he runs riot again!

The teacher is very impressed with our whole animal family and complemented us on having a very “calm and happy” pack, saying they must take after us.

I’m a little worried if animals do copy their owners: recently, my “calm, sunshine (apparently!) ways are being replaced by angry, dark clouds and grumpiness. I’m secretly enjoying being able to shout a bit and be moody/interesting but it cannot be pleasant for those around me. Don’t get me wrong: in the big scheme of things, any bad mood I have lasts only minutes not hours and is followed by the huge weight of guilt only the very bad can know – but these grey times are happening and I need to stop them.

Maybe its an age thing: Garry and Yvonne who are working with us now, are always happy and laughing, in constant good moods. I’ve been trying to analyse why this is the case with them and not with us and have noted that:

= they don’t drink

= they play bingo

= they “do” karaoke

= they haven’t worked a hot summer yet

= they are both far south of age 40!

All facts which are polar opposite to Tony and I! Maybe we need to change or maybe we just need to get out more? (notice I’m now blaming both of us not just me for bad moods! Very unfairly but I’m grumpy!!).

Mind you, Yvonne and Garry don’t have the animal gang to contend with either – no playing, mischievous and funny monsters driving them batty…….

So what have they got to be so happy about?!

Maybe the god of good nature is on holiday and I’ve got something else passing through Uranus?…………..who knows but I’ve got checkins to do so I’m off to find my face, best smiles and most pleasant welcomes and get to work!

Have a good Easter Saturday! Grrrrrrrrr!!!

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