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1st January 2010

The gifting tree….

As I drive down the hill from our home in Peyia, towards the lovely villa Caliteri , I pass a tree which bears the fruit of oranges and lemons. According to my knowledgable husband (!), its be ‘grafted’ and grown for many years to be able to do this
I dont actually care how it got there but its so interesting to look at – and looks very proud of itself too, as it should be!

In our garden, which has only been growing for the past 9 years, we’ve a ‘fruit garden ‘ – okay, we’ve three fruit trees: Mandarin, lemon and grapevine. They have each taken their own sweet time to establish: in fact, the summer of 2012 wass the first summer we had grapes hanging from the vines (and the goats made short shift of those!). This year, however, our mandarin and lemons are in abundance and the trees look very healthy and happy. I’m delighted!

Well, very delighted because, while I was out in the garden a little while ago, having a cuppa and talking to the lizards, (as you do in our family), a lemon was ‘thrown’ from the tree and landed near me. It had a note attached to it, ‘drink gin and enjoy me’ , it said….

Okay, so I made the last bit up but it would be rude NOT to enjoy this succulent fruit in a tall GnT, wouldn’t it? Course, its not 10am here yet so I may have to wait a few hours…………..unless I go to Susie Fs house and use her watch?……..

Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News