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16th March 2019

The Gathering at The Mill!

Saturday afternoons are precious in this household: for my long-suffering husband because it gives him the ‘time out” to escape to The Mill in Peyia Village for a few hours and for me, because Tony escapes to The Mill for a few hours so I can do whatever I want without the TV blaring and the commentary from the phone over something else!

“whatever I want”, tends to translate into, ”whatever we need”, eg washing/dog walking (though this is a great pleasure) and, if I’m lucky, an hour curled up with a great book in the peace and quiet!

Tony and the ”inmates” of our lovely local wine bar have a different agenda. In fact, they have many different agendas each with the same objective: put the world to rights, don’t watch the football though it’s on and try to discuss the important things in life, whilst not being able to remember anyone’s real name or, in the case of the movie discussions, what that movie title actually IS and a good description of the actress or actor!

Today’s discussion included two subject matters which were, quite literally, ”revealed to Toný” in the past couple of days eg “What is a suitable dress code for a very busty lady to wear to an Indian restaurant where poor unsuspecting diners, (for this read Tony), may be put off their meal by the ”golden globes” being shown to them” and “”how to young ladies bottoms get so hungry that they ”eat” the bikini bottoms of the wearer?” – again a site which affected Tony deeply whilst we were out walking at the seafront – so much so that he had to photograph the evidence to share with The Gathering today!

It’s all world-shattering stuff! And The Mill can be a very difficult environment! Tony has only just rung to tell me that, once again, in a village on this quiet hillside, his car is ”blocked in”, so he cannot leave! Today, the blockage is, allegedly, a motorbike parade. Last week, it was a wheelie bin and tractor – and next week, apparently the members of The Gathering have bribed a local farmer to bring his goats down the hill!

I don’t know how the boys cope with the pressure of debate and the unknown of escape! They are true heroes and we’re lucky to have them – especially when they are together LOL!

If you’d like to join The Gathering, rent a holiday villa with clean pool, in the heart of the village of Peyia this year. You’ll be able to walk TO The Mill but who knows, if you are lucky enough, the pathway fairies will block your exit! Email for deals on villas to

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