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30th January 2016

The Friendship Garden

When we moved to live in Peyia, Cyprus, just under 15 years ago, many of our friends and family came to visit us – and still do!

As with all new homes, there was much to do but we’d been married a lot of years by the time of our move, so didn’t need any household, ‘items’ or bits as housewarming pressies- though appreciated the ones we did get!

A friend who was staying in the house, while we were back in the UK for a while, decided a great present for us, would be to start to do the garden for us; something that meant so very much to us as the garden was in effect, a huge rock and going to be a very difficult task to nuture and develop.

The work Jackie did, inspired us to get stuck into the garden: Tony actually, ‘doing’ and me, ‘supervising’. As friends came and went, anyone who wanted to give us a housewarming present, was thanked, told it wasn’t necessary BUT if they wanted to , they could simply choose a bush, shrub or flower and we’d plant it in our garden.

So The Friendship Garden began. Complete with , “Joan bush, The Nickson Rose, Jackie’s Geraniums and Bill’s Begonias!”….Now, the garden is flourishing and filled with colour and life. Mostly, it’s full of love and friendship, as befits a Peyia garden – and it’s a joy to sit in!

If you’d like to make enjoy the friendship of Peyia during your Spring or Summer holiday, email to us for availability of villas with clean pools, in Peyia or Coral Bay – May your holiday dreams, blossom!

photo my afternoon garden