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8th May 2016

The Friendship Garden

When Tony and I first moved to Peyia, 14 years ago, our home was set on the edge of open hillside with rocks and local foliage, being our garden. As we nurtured our new home and began to create the garden, friends came and went , always offering a pressie, which was very kind – so we asked them to choose and plant a bush or shrub .

Now, our garden is alive with colour, warmth, texture and love – and I’m so grateful to everyone who has contributed to it’s development.

As we waved Vicky and Tony off today, I got to thinking that life is like a garden: some things flourish; others add colour ; some people have to be ‘weeded out’ and others, grow stronger and taller in our lives, providing the framework around which we colour in the details.

Our garden has changed over the years and will again, without question but the main structure stands firm and reflects the love and care with which it was planted.

Ditto our true friends – and we couldn’t have a more precious bouquet of friends than those we have. Old and new, we treasure them all.

If you’d like to make new friends, come to Peyia and Coral Bay and let the warmth of a real Cypriot welcome, embrace and comfort you: Choose a villa with a clean pool and huge heart: for enquiries, details and availability, email to

photo our garden 1