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8th July 2019

The food queue!

So I got home today at around 5pm, having popped home earlier in the day for an hour to make sure that Barney T Rubble was cool/had water and all of his toys were behaving. (Ted is particularly naughty and throws himself into places you don’t expect, tripping you up as you walk in the dark LOL).

All was calm and good in our home. Barney was chilling out though happy to play for a while. The house was cool and welcoming  – and there was even enough milk to have a cuppa despite the fact I’d not shopped! Result!

At teatime, I decided to live a little and changed into my bikini, to go for a swim before cooking Tony’s tea. A great plan as Tony was snoozing and Barney was still chilling – but I’d overlooked that Harry Cat, who has taken possession of our bit of the hill, wanted to be fed!

Thank god for loud a/c and sleeping dog! Harry shouted and ”sang”, grumbled and hissed until I had no choice other than to get out of the pool and go to feed him! And even then, he grumbled his time away , hissing at me if I came close to him!

It’s definitely an animals life on this hillside! Barney is in his element. The birds get fed so sing beautifully and now the feral cats rule the road in front of our house. Somewhere , in the big picture of life, there is a role for what Tony and I need – though Tony is still snoozing and will wake up to his tea being ready!

If you’d like to come here and be looked after too, email to me about villas and apartments with pools and great views – and resident , demanding feral animals!