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19th January 2020

The Final Journey?

Early this afternoon, on the Solent, our beautiful sister Maxine, saw her final wish fulfilled as her partner David and her children and their father, scattered her ashes into the sea…….

Whilst I find it so hard to get my head around the fact that she is not physically here with us any longer, I can sense her everywhere and believe that she will be smiling upon her family and thanking them for doing her bidding, to the letter. Something I suspect, was very difficult to do.

Maxine loved to travel. When she wasn’t travelling, she was dreaming of travelling or planning her next trip. She also loved the sea and , particularly the coastline along the Solent. With her children living close by, I imagine her spirit will be happily flowing freely and her sparkle will light up the waters , like the sunlight on a grey day – signs for her family that she will never leave them.

As they walk the beach near the Osborne Hotel, as they often do, her essence will float along with them, playing like The Little Mermaid, in one of the books we used to read when we were children…..

This is not the end. It cannot be. It’s the start of the next journey, with her soul expanding to bring forth love and her spirit free to express everything it wants to, without the shackles of pain and physical limitation….

I read yesterday that, “We are each walking one another home”……..literally in a line, not knowing who amongst us will take the journey to heaven first but we’re all heading there, that’s for sure. That our beautiful sister is waiting for us and no doubt , making changes to colours and styles and layouts, is a very comforting thought. I imagine her with our grandparents and father, laughing and singing and talking  – and their combined energies flowing around each of us, as they ”light the pathway ón earth” we’ve each got to tread.

Walking Barney up the hill just now, I marvelled at the power of nature, with new growth pushing it’s way past the heaviest boulder in areas where the diggers have taken most of the soil – and called to mind the new growth showing itself in the worst hit areas of the bush fires in Australia….

Life is precious and incredible and I guess we’ll never really know the truth of the next step for our souls, until we make the step but for now, I will imagine the beauty and peace it will bring our precious Maxine and pray some of the peace makes its way into our hearts as we mourn her….

Wishing you “fair winds” as you journey, Max. x

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