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1st January 2010

The Family Way!

Its a special day for us here at Cyprus Villas today: 7 years ago to the day, we were on the M1, in a large hire car which was filled with cases, Alfie Dog , Cloudy and Tiffy Cat, heading to East Midlands airport to catch our flight here to begin our new life.

It seems like only yesterday. Sadly, Cloudy and Tiff has gone on to play in the heavens, through age rather than accident but Alfie, Tony and I are still “running strong” and kept great company with Molly, Jake and Charlie Cat.

I do miss many things from the UK: would love to drive to Mary for a giggle and glass of wine; Twosheds was just around the corner – and I could always get to my mum, dad or sisters within hours if needed…………but I know I can do that know and my gorgeous friends are always there- or here!; which I love more!

Whenever I feel wobbly and want to go back, its never because I dont want to be here: its just because. And thats a female thing.

Then I look into Mollys eyes and see this little doggy angel who just lives to love us – and how can I feel any sadness? She’s our Cyprus blessing.
Jake is our “dysfunctional child” and Charlie is a cross dresser: cat/honorary dog – life is GOOD!

Add to this life, Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou, and we are very happy to be here. Ideally, we would have loved to celebrate with them tonight but, they now have “others” and were probably busy; and I forgot to text them (though SF seems to have gone off texts….) and when we got home, Alfie looked so happy to have his people home, that I could have sworn he was remembering the day 7 years ago, in the same way we were….

So we are at home, with Alfie, who is in “big charge” and his gang of 3 – and we are all very content. Sadly, I forgot to shop, thinking Tony would take me out so we’re having “fusion”: beans on toast with an egg on the top……just got to remember where I might have put the beans!……

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