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1st January 2010

The Family Dressing Gown…

It is with great sadness, that I announce the passing of The Family Dressing Gown……

Yesterday, after almost 30 years of faithful service to every upset or cold person or animal in our home, this treasured part of us, had to be put to rest (on Alfies bed) before it decided to walk itself to the rubbish bin!

Every clicked thread, tear on the sleeves, rip in the back and hole near the shoulder, had a story to tell but alas, this article could no longer provide its primary objective: keeping Tony warm when he goes to make my morning cuppa – and I cannot accept anything getting in the way of that process, so we’ve purchased a replacement.

Watching Tony snuggled in Royal Blue, fluffiness this morning, I felt a tinge of sadness till my tea arrived and tony climbed back into bed, warm not frozen to the bone and trying to steal the quilt.

Alfie is chuffed with his new cover too and doesn’t seem to mind sharing with whatever is living in the fabric, so all is good……..

…..yet I still feel guilty! Crazy or what?!

Category: Cyprus Villas News