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1st January 2010

The family dressing gown

I’ve had to wressle the family dressing gown to the floor today, to get it into the wash! This garment serves the whole family very well: Tony puts it on in the morning as he goes to make a cuppa. I then put it on when I get up to make the second cuppa (coz its warm and snuggly).

Jake, Alfie and Molly then fight over who is going to lie on it, coz its doubly warm and very cosy. Charlie then comes in to be bed and, when we get up, he likes to get onto the family dressing gown for a cuddle – probably with a variation of things which are living in it.

Its such a “comfort thing” that I expect it to live forever and am always surprised that it doesn’t get up itself and make us all a cuppa! Its been around us so long, it should know the ropes by now!

Anyway, tonight its clean, smells fresh – and no-one wants to know it. Will have to put it in the garden for a few days until it smells lived in again – then we can all fight over it again!

Category: Cyprus Villas News