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6th October 2011

The Family Bottom

Alfie and I were having a “moment” on The Thinking Step at home last evening before I went to check guests into the beautiful villa Marina Sunset in Coral Bay. Alf is the “gentleman of dogs”: solid, loving, gracious and totally loyal, this special 13 year animal holds my heart in his paws and has done since the day I first saw him.
Alf hasn’t been too well for a couple of years and it was obvious yesterday that, though happy to be at home with us, he was having a bit of a tough day with his joints and back legs. Happily wagging his tail and enjoying being cuddled, I looked at him and realised again that he was always meant to be our dog: he’s got the “family bottom”. My mum has it, my sisters have it, I definitely have more than my share – and Jake has enough for all of us! Only Molly has escaped this, with her tiny little neat rear!
Still, there are worse things for a dog to have a generous back end: its probably the store house for the love that everyone who meets him, feels for him. Am surprised he can move around at all coz he is adored – and rightly so!

Category: Cyprus Villas News