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1st January 2010

the end is nigh……..well, not really!

Wonder what it is about the ‘drawing close of the end of the year’ which really does make you feel that something ‘tired’ is ending and something exciting is beginning? Really, its another day after another day but, like millions around me, it feels like a ‘closing of one door and opening of another’…..
Neither Tony or I are big on new years eve parties: me, due to too many well deserved hangovers and ‘things which should be forgotten’, Tony from dealing with them LOL! Seriously, we party quietly and set resolutions just to have something naughty to do in January ie break ’em!

I’ve been around some of our lovely holiday properties today, some villas in Coral Bay and apartments in Peyia and even in the walls of these lovely places, you can ‘feel’ the history of laughter and fun which is going to ‘rest’ and make way for the new adventures lucky holiday makers will have in 2014……..even without loving the celebration, I do love the occasion of hope and planning.

Susie F, The Great Raymondodoulou and I will, I hope, spend tomorrow afternoon quietly debating the year that was, which included wonderful things like their wedding, as well as sad things, like losing our beloved Alfie – and we’ll contemplate the new year coming in.

What do I wish for? Well, good health for all those suffering (with special love to Owen, Steve and our two mums, all of whom have their own tough challenges at the moment); peace – there is too much fighting and hurt – and good humour – especially in the bank queue where I’ve just spent a very interesting 40 minutes witnessing people getting annoyed over nothing.

I also wish more people would come back to Cyprus for a holiday and see just how lovely the island is and how special the Cypriot people are….its a beautiful part of the world……

Anyway, today I wish for resolve: no, not the solution to a hangover coz I haven’t got one (Christmas miracle!) but for me so I can see through the rest of the things I wish for and play a part in making them happen…….

Happy 30th December – and every day of your lives! We’re worth it!

Category: Cyprus Villas News