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1st January 2010

The earth moved for me!

Here I am, sat in our new offices in Peyia on the hill near the Vet – and the world began to shake! The windows rattled; roof sounded like it was coming in and my brand new pencils (with erasers on the end , no less) began to run around the desk with a mind of their own!

I stormed outside to give the cypriot children a piece of my mind, (they are on holiday for Easter and are running around outside playing happily), when the phone rang and Tony said, “Are you okay after the earthquake?”!

Earthquake! EARTHQUAKE!!

Course I’m not okay! Whats it doing “earthquaking” on me when I’m trying to run a very efficient villa rental business and deal with people calling in ! (Well, one this morning: and he was very loud and very large, so I count him as a crowd!).

Apparently, this was quite a large tremor. (Mine was too, when I realised I’d survived this horrendous happening- okay, little flutter but a girls got to get her monies worth, hasn’t she!?).

Tony has gone with Garry to check on our villa guests in Coral Bay and Peyia but I’m sure they are all fine. Most will be prostrate in the lovely sunshine, enjoying the weather and simply chilling out while the rest of us work hard to provide lovely villas for them to holiday in.

Oh – and we’ve got uniforms! I’m wearing bright red (to match my earthquake scared face) and feel VERY official today!!

Now, if I can just remember what I’m supposed to be doing, it will be a great morning.

Hope the earth moves for you this weekend – but only as its meant to!

Category: Cyprus Villas News