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1st January 2010

The early bird gets the worm.

Jake has been unsettled since 4am today. I’ve talked to him, played with him, (for that, read that he has played with ME, chewing my arm, attacking my legs, snuggling in for dear life (and he’s the size of a pony!))and I’m shattered. Its now 8.30 am, time for us to be up and about attending to the duties we have to our holiday villa guests – and Jake has gone to sleep! Typical!

Charlie, Molly , Alfie and Tiff have the situation totally sussed: Tiff stays in the upstairs bedroom and chills out till she feels the call of nature or food – the other three sneak into our bed with Tony whilst Jake and I torment each other downstairs!

I couldn’t even let the puppy out into the beautiful warm fresh air today because he drinks the water in our pool – and he is not allowed to eat or drink today because he is going to the vet for his op. Gotta tell you, I came very close to undertaking a DIY job on him at around 5.30am this morning when he started to howl whilst IN the house!

It seems that its the birds who wake him up. Watching him through the window while he runs up and down in his own space, he seems to be fascinated to watch the birds flying from olive tree to olive tree – then he goes bananas when they start to chirp! For a dog whose first 8 months consisted of being tied to a tree, living in a large plant pot on the roadside near one of the villas in Coral Bay, living here on the Peyia hillside must be wonderful!

He has a huge run at the back of the house; complete freedom to run around the garden and pool area (well, except this morning, for obvious reasons); animal and people family to play with and chew AND he goes for long walks up the hill where he then sits down and admires the views of the Coral Bay coastline!

Jake must think all of his birthdays have come at once – which is helpful coz the way he is going , he won’t see his first if we don’t get some sleep!

My theory today is that he is on Japanese time: well, his breed originates there; he is a pedigree so probably was born there (stick with me and just nod, I’m too tired to explain the logic) – and he has an oriental face! Okay, I made that bit up but at 4am ish today, it all made sense to me!

Anyway, the birds are in full song; the rest of the animal family are up and about playing happily. Tony is snoring away and his Mum is on the thinking step watching the world go by – its a lovely morning (and I’m off to bed for an hour!).

Category: Cyprus Villas News