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6th November 2019

The Day the Fairies Didn’t Come!

The housekeeping teams who work on our villas and apartments, work so very hard. Often with little time between departures and arrivals, they are up against the clock, ensuring beds are changed/all rooms are sparkling and a little ”magic” is added into the welcome. They – and many teams like them – work thanklessly during the heavy holiday season but I know the guests do appreciate what they do: they simply don’t expect anything other than a gorgeous villa when they arrive.

In our home, there is no such luxury as a paid for housekeeping team. Whether we have back to back guests, which is often, or there is just the three of us ie Tony, Barney-the-hairy-dog and I, keeping everything , ”as it should be”, is my hard, monotonous and thankless task.

There is a daily battle at home to:

  • pick up and dry off, wet towels
  • remove swim shorts, often up to 3 pairs, from the dining room chair where they are thrown every morning and evening
  • put shoes away – especially those left at the end of the bed for me to trip over every evening as I go to the loo and leave the light off so as not to disturb Tony
  • refold the ironing mountain, which waits patiently on the chair begging attention
  • re-iron the ironed stuff which is thrown off the hangers in the enthusiastic search for other tshirts!

So I went on strike!

And it was very hard leaving everything , ”as it was” and ignoring the bits which drive me crazy, especially as the pile of wet towels grew and the collection of swim shorts increased. Dishes were left unwashed. No shopping was done. Shoes piled up but were kicked over to Tony’s side of the bed – and general chaos hit our household!

Trouble is, I couldn’t stand it for more than 24 hours! I’m not house proud but I’m tidy – and completely useless it would seem , at being able to influence my husband to ”do his bit”.

Still, I had it out with him tonight – and the answer I got was , a very hurt expression on his face and the response, “but I put YOUR blind back up in the bedroom 2 days ago….”

I surrender. There may not be fairy magic here but it looks like I’ve two choices: do or do not, there is no magic wand!


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