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21st January 2020

The Day of the Gusset!

OMG! Please will someone bring the hot sunshine back so I don’t have to wear tights in the cooler months of January and February?

Don’t get me wrong: it’s still very sunny ; we have beautiful blue skies and there are a couple of sunshine hours when it’s pleasant to sit outdoors but my legs have the Hue of the Dead and should not be allowed out, unclad – so , when I’m not in my jeans or trousers, I’m in skirts – and, unfortunately, tights! ARGH!

I’ve tried everything. I think my legs are either too short or my body is too long – or I’m completely the wrong shape, (something with which my husband concurs!), but every pair of tights I put on, begin to roll down within an hour or so of being worn!

When we were in the UK recently, I invested in the thick, ”hold them up and pull them in”, brands, in every size, in a bid to find something which would stay put – and they didn’t! I appreciate that , in the tummies versus undies championship, the tummies are winning currently ! I’ve been a little too relaxed about what I’ve been eating and drinking but I’ve been stressed and in emotional pain – so escaping lingerie is the last thing I need!

I have to say though, it’s quite funny having to , ”haul” the offending items up by the waistline every time I stand up – then remember to pull the skirt or dress back into place so I’m decent. The team in the office do laugh at me – but they are male and don’t understand the sheer frustration of not so sheer leg coverings!

Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel. February temperatures will warm up. I’ll invest in a decent fake tan as the interim measure then wave , ”goodbye” to my wayward friends – potentially forever coz I don’t want many more days of walking like I am wearing a hammock!

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