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1st January 2010

The day before the day before…..

I am in a complete tizwaz: Tony is 50 on Friday and I haven’t so much as bought sellotape to wrap the presents I still haven’t got! Tomorrow is an extremely busy day: we’ve checkins from 4am through the day and friends of our family are coming for tea at our home . (Note to self: must shop for food too).

Tony is cross coz he cannot find a pan scrubber in the house and Jake is laughing coz he’s got them all either hidden or half chewed!

The house, magnificent though the views of Peyia village are, is a complete and utter tip. There’s an ironing mountain, dust on the stairs and doggy toys on every floor in every room. I cannot even say the flowers look pretty and are taking a persons eyes from the floors because the flowers all died a few days ago and I haven’t got around to throwing them out….

Tony wants us to get a cleaner.


Where will I find one with a sense of humour/love of dogs/penchant for playing “throw the squeaky half eaten chicken” and patience with a grumpy old husband , sorry, meant 11 year old cat………?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m as houseproud as the next overworked, tired and completely overwhelmed married woman with responsibilities but it really is impossible to find someone to “do”.

The people who “do” the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia for us, are wonderful: the villas are like little palaces. Trouble is , there are so many of them, so full at the moment that the ladies don’t have the time to play “do and dare” chez moi.

Its been made worse today coz friends are coming and we’re a tip plus Tony has been to see the villa of a 49 year old single , successful and very happy man who not only has a 24 year old fit, natural blond girlfriend but also a boat/jetski AND a clean house!

Ours, apparently, is cluttered.

Well, if thats the case, there is no room to add a 24 year fit and young appendage for my soon to be old man, then, is there!?

More importantly, Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary to the wonderful Chards: cannot wait to see you both at the weekend. (Your place though -ours isn’t fit for celebration…….).

Category: Cyprus Villas News