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1st January 2010

The day after the day before the morning after……

Yoga 2010 has begun again. Last night saw the first class of the new year, take place in the dance studio near Lily May Villa in Peyia. I’ve been attempting yoga, very badly, since July 09. I’d like to say I feel better but I don’t. Especially now that we are in a real dance studio and there are 2 of me: one “doing it” and one , much larger version , copying me in the mirrors which surround us.

I tried very hard last night, to foil my reflection by doing things properly but succeeded only in realising my arms and legs are too short and my body is too large for, well, just about every more. Mind you, I was reminded of the bumble bee whose body is too large and wings too small so it shouldn;t be able to fly – but nobody has told it! Sadly, Vanessa, my most beautiful and elegant teacher, has a wicked sense of humour and tells me regularly that I can “compensate” by using blocks and straps: so am going to take her out the back and slap her about a bit with these after the next class!

Anyway, discovered that something that sounds like my “elastic bandra” has snapped in my tummy and isn’t “pulling my tummy to my seat bone”……… Probably a good thing coz am sure my seat bone is now just above my ankles – which I suppose would help as tummy number one is hanging slightly below boobs, just near the shins!!

Suffice to say I didn’t feel at my most nimble last night; am suffering today and have to do it all again on Thursday morning. Am determined to go through “The Year of Champagne ” (hit my half century later in the year), fitter, feeling better and looking younger………….. Well, one out of three will be fine and chocolate makes me feel FANTASTIC!!

To fellow keep fit sufferers, I say “well done and keep at it”. To other yoga gurinis, I say , “Why?”…….

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