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8th May 2021

The Dance of my Grandparents.

We are lucky enough to live high on the hillside, on Sacred Mountain , overlooking the village of Peyia and area of Coral Bay.

Tonight, we decided to eat on the table on the upstairs balcony and watched as the day slipped into night and the lights came on in the area of Peyia. So special.

With little to no noise around and no music blaring from the bars/ restaurants, I could hear my thoughts and let the  memories uncover and come forward to be looked at and enjoyed…..

Suddenly, I was a little girl, sat at the table in the home of my paternal , cherished grandparents, waiting for my beautiful Nannas home cooked food – but Grandad had just returned from the local Club , where he went each Sunday for one pint with friends before returning home to his love – my Nanna.

I ”watched” my memory this evening, as I saw Granddad come into the tiny house, take Nanna in his arms and dance with her, singing to her as he held her close and showing her how much he loved her….. It was beautiful: both as a memory and in it’s reality but I’ve only just realised how very precious it was…..

Granddad was a prisoner of war for just over 4 years during WW2. He and Nanna had just married when he was called up – and unknown to them both, my Dad was being ”cooked” as Granddad left the shores of the UK to head off to fight for his country and wouldn’t meet his son for almost 5 years.

Not an unusual story in itself – but one which , tonight, permeating my memories because it brought home to me the joy of loving another soul, through thick and thin, ups and downs.

We are from mining stock. Nothing special. No material stuff at all and nothing to say our family changed the world EXCEPT that , like so many ordinary people, they did their bit to change the bit of the world they could – and kept love alive in the process….

I loved the film roll of memories in my brain this evening – and I’m so proud to be my grandfather’s granddaughter. I love how he loved my Nanna and took the time to show her once they found their way back to each other… So precious.

Things have been so hard for us all recently but there is still love.

And dancing.

And Song.

Be happy. Be together and be at peace. it’s all going to be alright x

(There is always a new day. No matter how hard the night may feel as the sun sets) x