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14th May 2017

The dance of life

Yesterday, one of my best friends here, Daisy, aged 5, was a fairy in the Young Stars Theatre production, “Movie Night” . Daisy’s Mum, my gorgeous friend and office angel, Emma, invited me to come along to the show – and I was thrilled to accept.

I’ve heard about Young Stars and the owner, Anna Michaelides and her dedicated team of teachers and helpers but I’ve never been to a production – but Movie Night was totally enchanting and I’ll be going to the next show!

It was so touching to watch the juniors, middle group and seniors, performing songs and dances from many movies. From ballet to modern, irish dancing to tap, the dancers were incredible! I was blown away, as was the whole audience. To have the talent that Anna and her team have, to inspire, teach and gave these children the stage upon which to perform, is just wonderful!

I loved the tiny tots, in their tutus; was blown away by a young man ”giving it large” as a character from Blues Brothers ; the Irish Dancing was worthy of world renown – then the ballet routines: OMG! Beautiful, graceful and totally enchanting!

It was all I could do to stay in my seat! And I wasn’t the only one! To a man and woman, the audience were cheering, tapping their feet and grinning happily. Totally special and lovely day. So glad to have been there – and Daisy was AWESOME!

The afternoon took me back to being a young ballroom dancer, whose Nanna believed in her so very much, she took me to every class, show and medal event. I danced aged 3 to almost 18 and loved it so very much. Life, loves, work and accidents got in the way but my soul is that of a dancer – and yesterday, thanks to Anna and her brilliant team and happy pupils, I ”danced” the afternoon away and still have music in my feet today!

This area of Cyprus has so very much to offer: I just didn’t realise just how very much talent and dedication, nurturing love and excellence, until yesterday. Anna: you are truly incredible. Wishing you all you wish yourself, your team and your pupils, always!

Do a quickstep to a holiday villa with pool here in Coral Bay or Peyia and I’ll let you know where the next performance is. It’s worth coming to holiday here, just for that!

To enquire or book, best step forward by emailing to

The office angel above, is our very own ”fairy”, Daisy, sitting at her Mum’s desk!

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