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11th October 2010

The Cyprus version of Gary Lineker

This is the one they all call the puppy , AKA Jake. 67 kilos bouncing up and down. So now you know why we have a few difficulties . When he wants to play “he plays” and when he wants to eat watch out !!
Recenlty after he was watching the adverts for walkers crisps and a certain Mr Lineker Jake decided ” i can do that ‘ and did , and we could not get them off him so off to bed we went , Next day at the bottom of the stairs Jake and the Bag of crisps were still there , and still not opened . Needless to say he got bored and eventually left them … so i suppose the moral of the story is these crisps are not as good as walkers …. at least Jake thinks that way .

Oh and by the way he plays football in a similar way to Gary Lineker .. only when he gets bored he eats the ball ..

Category: Cyprus Villas News