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1st January 2010

The Cyprus Rat Pack

The dogs excelled themselves yesterday. I arrived home to our villa in Peyia, to the normal, loving , enthusiastic welcome after which the dogs and Charlie cat disappeared to their respective corners of the house and garden and I thought peace reigned.

After a few minutes, Alfie and Molly rushed back into the lounge followed by Charlie cat – then a very proud Monster Puppy, Jake, carrying the largest carob rat in his mouth, that I had ever seen.

Poor creature was bleeding and trying to struggle but Jake wanted to keep it, share part of it with his brother and sister – but only after I’d given Jake a huge pat on the head for being clever -and in a hundred years I wasn’t going near him while he was “playing ” with the rat!

I went upstairs and Jake followed. I tried to escape from him and lock him out but he was too quick. I went to the pool and he came after me, bringing his “toy”. Alfie and Molly simply followed him, happily wagging their tales and wanting to join in the fun.

After what seemed like an age, Tony came home, managed to lock Jake out and then rescued the now dead, carob rat. Poor little thing. What a horrible way to go – and what a horrible “rat pack” we’ve got for doing this to him!


Category: Cyprus Villas News