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3rd February 2016

The curious incident of the closed window.

Some mornings don’t quite go according to plan, do they? Even in this Cypriot paradise, things often go ‘Belly up’ – which is an entirely appropriate phrase for the happenings of the morning…..

I left our home quite early today, noticing before I did that Tony had left one of the large patio windows open, in the dining room. So I did what was needed – and locked it! I kissed and cuddled the furry gang, shouted  a brief, ‘goodbye’ to Tony and shut the front door behind me.

Fast forward an hour or so and Tony’s arrival in the office. Tony’s , very ‘flustered’ arrival in the office. “What’s the matter”, one of the team asked him. “I looked myself out of the house and had to climb in through the kitchen window”, he replied. “How did this happen?”, he was asked. “Because, ‘someone’, had locked the patio window that I’d left open earlier – and I thought, while it was open, I’d lock myself out of the front and see if I could ‘teach’ Barney to open the front door for me from the inside, like Alfie dog used to. Only Barney couldn’t and didn’t, so I went to come in through the patio window and it was locked”. “So it was Lynn’s fault”, he finished.

So, by securing our home while my husband was in the shower, I am responsible for his game of , “teaching a new dog and old trick” going wrong.

I give up! Maybe take the key next time Hubs?

One thing though, all of our villas are open for holiday arrivals and we’ve the keys to GREAT holidays! If you’d like to know availability and best deals, email to us on . I cannot promise one of the furry gang will sort the locks for you but we will!

Photo below is Barney T Rubble chilling out! Why have to open doors when you can get your tummy tickled?

photo barneys tummy