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28th October 2018

The courage to live out loud.

What a week it has been! So many wonderful ”happenings”, so many sad and painful things happening to those we care about too – it’s been a real mix of emotions and ”real life”.

One of our key housekeeping team had a horrible accident, made worse by the fact that people simply drove past her as she lay in agony at the roadside! Thankfully, she is now recovering and will be fine. Another lady, whose heart is so big and who cares always for everyone else, had a heart attack – and she’s so young, it’s shocked so many of us. Now we all need to give back to her, the love and support she gives out to others.

Add the terrible news this am about the helicopter crash and death of a wonderfully, giving yet humble man who owned Leicester City FC and life just seems to be full of ”stuff” – and these three examples are only minuscule in the big scheme of things yet HUGE to the families and friends of those concerned. Life really has to be lived.

In the midst of the week, one very special event occurred: Sharron and Mark got married. Two great people who’ve each lost their partners to pancreatic cancer and who found each other during their battle to live on from these tragic losses and were working hard to raise awareness and monies for the fight against cancer when, life magic happened and they fell in love……… a real, happy ending to so very much heartbreak.

I’m not sure what touched me the most: that they are so happy together and right for each other or that they are all of that but also so very mindful of the journey which has brought them together and so very inclusive of the love and memories that they shared with their late partners. It takes special people to be so openly loving and respectful of life – and to have the courage to then live on in such good grace, holding memories close and working together to make new ones. Wishing them all the very best, always.

Life is for the living, isn’t it? Right here,282 right now – and I cannot think of a better place to live then here! And I mean, ”here”’, wherever you are right now.

Of course, if you’d like to be ”here” in Peyia where we are, we’d love to welcome you and share our lives with you! Rent a holiday villa in the beautiful village of Peyia Cyprus and ”live out loud in the sunshine” for a week or so. Email to

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