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7th November 2013

The cost of a cuddle!

Herbert and Georgina, owners of the lovely St Killians villa in Coral Bay, came to our home last night to share a few drinks and a lot of catch up!

It was a lovely evening: its not often we get the chance to see this couple and they are great – though I have to be honest and say that a huge part of their appeal for me, is their gorgeous son, Killian, who is 6. He is so lovely – and very sharp!

Killian was telling me about Sarah, the girl he likes who goes to school with him. Sadly, Sarah is also being courted by a Greek boy in Killians class, so Killian has some work to do to win her heart….

He won mine by giving me a huge cuddle to say how sorry he was about us losing Alfie – then he made me giggle by telling me I owed him a lollipop with icecream on the top, for the cuddle!

Still a good tradeoff I reckon!

Category: Cyprus Villas News