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13th November 2015

The Coral Bay Monster?…

Walking along the seafront at Coral Bay last evening, enjoying the sunset with our dogs, Barney T Rubble and MollyMou, Tony took a stunning photograph of the sunset – but when we got home, we noticed something in the sea …….

An ex media lady, I could be very inclined to ‘make up a story’ about this and start a myth – but I know its purely the top of the rocks deep in the water. As the water was very still, the rock was more visible – but it made a great photograph!

The weather in Cyprus is stunning at this time of the year: kind sunshine, warm days (Like UK summer days) and cool evenings, where we are able to sleep soundly! The sunsets are so very beautiful too!

Actually, anytime of the year is lovely: come and see us : For villas with pools, ( and no monsters!), email to

photo coral bay sea monster