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1st January 2010

The Complete X Factor!

With Christmas approaching, schools across the world are beginning to celebrate the event with concerts, carol services and plays. In an independant study of some of the recent events, one very special little girl named Charlotte Emily Tallulah Bucket, was named as THE most wonderful singer/dancer and all round entertainer …….in fact, one to watch for the future!

Who was on the judging panel? Well, her doting Mum and crazy God Mother, of course, so it was a totally unbiased look at budding talent.


That Charlotte Emily Tallulah Bucket is totally wonderful is fact, of course – and she can sing/dance and entertain too! Like parents/god parents and families everywhere, we’re so proud of her and believe she is the best!

She also loves Cyprus, which is great for us – and its only 8 months, 4 days, 11 hours and 59 seconds until she gets back here. Thats approx 240 sleeps, taking into account those nights when you are too excited to sleep (which is now for me, coz its getting close!).

Charlotte helps us with the holiday makers, checking them into their villas in Coral Bay and Peyia and generally making sure that we behave as we should! She has a uniform, clipboard, special pen and shades, so she’s totally sorted!

Sadly, her busy schedule doesn’t allow for a Christmas trip to us in Peyia so we’ll have to handle the work alone – which we’ll do with big festive smiles but our thoughts, love and wishes will be with Charlotte, her lovely Mummy and all our family and friends in the UK, who we miss dearly.

Luckily for Tony, his Mother in law, my Mum, lives near us here, so we’ll see her over the holidays. (Tonys favourite joke: Whats the difference between inlaws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted!).

Anyway, to all children performing their little hearts out for their families this Christmas, good luck and have fun. Who needs The X Factor when you can have Xtra special performances by the children you love?