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27th April 2014

The Cold Shoulder

I’ve just ‘enjoyed’ my weekly phone conversation with Tony Without Teeth – my mother in law who my husband is the double of! But as you guessed TWT doesn’t have any teeth – of her own!

Anyway, Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William, her completely deaf 91 year old lover, both adore Cyprus, our animals, our home, our garden – and us – in that order! We were discussing when they may be coming over etc and TWT told me she’s just had an injection in her shoulder coz ‘they’ thought it was frozen but it turned out to be Arthur Rightus, ( the naughty man!). She’s feeling a whole lot better now, thank goodness

I tried to get a word in to tell her about River View stone villa in Peyia, which we’ve just taken on and which is totally gorgeous – and perfect for her brother Tommy and his family, who also love Cyprus. Suffice to say, even without teeth, its possible to let the constant stream of words flow – and removing teeth obviously increases deafness – so I gave up and I’ll email to Tommy direct!

If you’d like to listen to me about River View or our other villas, just email to me on , give me your phone number and I’ll ring you to ‘talk cyprus’. Would love to be given a hearing!