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5th May 2016

The circle of life and the joys of friendship…

Tony and I are so very lucky in that we have the most wonderful friends . It’s great that many choose to give up their time and come and spend a week or two in Cyprus with us – or let us know that they are on the island and take time out to meet with us. It’s so good.

These past few days, we’ve had Vicky and Tony staying with us. Vicky and I worked together, over 20 years ago in our , ‘past lives’, where we spent our days energetically selling radio advertising and living in the fast lane. Tony (K), was an acquaintance in the village where we lived – and we introduced this gorgeous pair to each other over a blind date dinner party at our home. They clapped eyes on each other and the rest is history! Such a fantastic result and probably the best nights work Tony and I have ever done!

Life has, as it does, taken us on different journeys: they live in a small village in Yorkshire near where we lived and sadly, we’d not seen each other for around 17 years till they arrived on Sunday. I’ve got to say, it felt like yesterday when we last met: Vicky looks so very beautiful, as she always did. Tony, her husband,  completely adores her and they are both such great company, I don’t want to come to work each day and just want to stay and talk to them at home!

The weather hasn’t been kind to them, unfortunately but we’ve tried to be and they’ve been wonderful to us. Barney T Rubble and Molly are loving having company at home – and we are loving our houseguests being there! I’ve been counting my blessings all week: that we have such great people in our lives, both here and around the world; that we live in this wonderful village, which I see again with new eyes when sharing with friends; that we work in an interesting and colourful business – and that I’m reminded life is a ‘people thing’.

Things get tough as they do but having the time and opportunity to ‘lighten the load’, by sharing the stories and moments that we each experience in our lives, makes everything seem to have a purpose and be worthwhile.

To all of our friends, thank you for putting up with us. To Vicky and Tony, the sun will come out soon but you’ve brightened up this week for us and we love you both for it!

Photo below was taken in Phidias Tavern, next on our list for sundowners one evening! Come and join us: for holiday villas with private pools and an area with friendships just waiting to begin, email to

photo phidias glasses