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1st January 2010

The Cinderella factor

Charly, our friend, who owns villa Lily May in Peyia, arrived a couple of days ago. He is a great friend and very funny. We met last night for a beer and he was telling us that, wrapped in the clean towels in his linen cupboard, were two very skimpy bikinis…..

I asked if he’d searched the house to find the person these items belonged to but he said not. I do think that he is secretly hoping that a pretty, toned young female will turn up and claim the bikinis any day now. Knowing Charlys luck – and having seen the size of the bikinis, she’ll be around 10 years old…..

The “ugly sisters” who do our cleaning (only joking ladies) may have thrown them away to teach Cinders a lesson but they’ve given Charly a lot to think about!

Category: Cyprus Villas News