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14th October 2017

The Chicken Mansion

Since Emma, Christian, Charlie and Daisy moved into their lovely new home, in Coral Bay, they’ve been hard at work putting their stamp on it!

For Emma, this has meant painting everything pink. For Christian, this has meant a huge amount of hard work and having to face the pink paint! Charlie, aged 9, is learning to brew Zivania, helped by a very happy old Cypriot man who lives near them – and Daisy is learning to creosote – everything – including herself!

The tales from their happy household, remind me of stories from, The Little House on the Prairie – and they are great to listen to!

Today , the task is to finish The Chicken Mansion. Starting off as a project to house a couple of chickens for free eggs, this has now turned into a mammoth construction, which has the capacity for many, many birds – and children by the look of it! (though that may be the B plan!).

I’ll keep you informed! But expect to see photos of Daisy, aged 6, covered in feathers and drinking a glass or two of homebrew!

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