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18th March 2015

The cats of Cyprus villas!

Many of the holiday customers who rent villas here in  Coral Bay and Peyia,  fall in love with the families of cats who ‘hang out ‘at some of the villas. Cyprus is famous for its feral cats – that is , those furry friends who live happily ( or not) on the streets and just love to be fickle with the visitors, making each of them believe they are ‘the people’ while they are here – then moving to the next guests as soon as they arrive

They remind me of a feline version of the handsome waiter in ‘Shirley Valentine ‘ movie!

Still, we try very hard to help ensure the cats are fed. Not at the villas but at the sanctuaries or ‘meeting points’ which the cats make for themselves. Its not easy, coz they’ll breed with gusto if not stopped but we have a good organisation here who help and neuter the cats to try to keep the population down. (We’re thinking this might be a good idea for the many beautiful girls and handsome single young men who visit too, LOL!)

The challenge with the feral cats isn’t just at the villas. At home on the hill in Peyia, we have a constantly changing feral gang who drive Charlie cat and his best furry feline friend, Gus ,who lives next door, mad! Currently, we’ve the scruffiest black and white cat living on the hill near the house. Poor thing needs food so I feed him, much to Charlies disgust – and sadly, today, the cat got very brave and came and sat on our BBQ! Charlie was very annoyed and Gus showed me his tail and went home! Barney sat and watched him! (Photo below – look closely and you’ll see the cat on the chimney and Barney patrolling!)

If you are feline like booking a villa in Coral Bay, drop me an email and I’ll give you purrfect availability: I’ll paws now and wait for your mail!

cat and barney!