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18th March 2021

The Cat Walk!

I’m so lucky to walk a couple of different cat walks, daily!

No, not in the modelling sense! OMG no! Particularly not the morning walk from the front door of our home to the pump house, when I’m normally wearing PJS and haven’t brushed my air! That’s TOO scary!

I mean the walks that Tony and I do daily, on which we meet so very many beautiful feral cats, who ”guard” their part of the pathway, with such a regal stance, it always makes us smile!

At our home, we currently have 4 feral cats. They are sensible , to a point, and understand that Barney T Rubble is king of the house – though the more he is slowing down, the more cheeky they are each getting! Brucie Cat is on a mission to move in: not for him the comfort of the office downstairs with it’s own cat flap front door and warm cozy cat bed. Oh no! He wants settees and hot and cold running people, catering to his every need!

Harry is less fussed about the indoors. He returns home to his real Mummy when he wants cuddles and inside space but comes to me for ”top up” food and a chat with his friends in the Hilltop Gang.

Kitten is settling in too. He”s such a cool cat: where the others run and shout, he sits languishing in a plant pot waiting for ”pot service” then wallops his food down, giving me , ”the look” if it’s not one of his favourite meals. Only Scraggy Cat is worrying me at the moment: she is so gentle and quiet – and won’t eat much at all but she’s as quick as lightning when it comes to trying to catch her! Am still on the case!

The walk from Paphos harbour, takes us past the Hotel Gang of Cats. They are well fed thanks to the kindness of locals and certainly know their feeding routine. Each cat has a stretch of the coastline path, that is most definitely ”their own” – and they watch each other and the passersby, very carefully. Should a dog be being walked past their spot, they seem to sit still, staring at the dog and willing it to ”try it on” – at which point I reckon the other cats would come and help in the fight!

From the Elysium Hotel up to Paphos Castle, there are many cats who stay close to the hotels, then a stretch of walkway which belongs to birds; including two of the most beautiful Hawks, who hover elegantly over the rocky stretch of coastline waiting for their prey. We talk to the cats as we pass – and were getting concerned if one of two of the cat characters disappeared but they always return and take up their positions.

A new family of kittens huddles in the bushes with their parents, down by the Cynthiana Hotel, where kind people have made a home for them and visit them regularly to feed them…….It honestly seems that cats rule and we humans are purely necessary interference in their peaceful routines!

That said, the Hilltop Gang are back at the front door here, with Kitten curled up on the mat as Brucie and Harry shout to be in coz it’s raining- and Barney T Rubble hasn’t moved yet from his slumber upstairs in his bed, so the cats are hopeful to be in! But they aren’t – they can use the cat flap.

Come and walk our ”cat walks” when you can! Whilst I cannot promise model behaviour from the ferals, they do make beautiful walks even more enjoyable!

Stay safe and well and come back soonest! x