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1st January 2010

The breakfast queue

We’re all starting to adapt slowly to Life Without Jake. Breakfast is particularly sad: normally, Jake would take up most of the kitchen, jockying for position and pushing Alfie out of the way. Molly is clever and sits on the sofa so she didn’t get stood on. Charlie stayed out of the way and Stotts hid in Charlies room – Jake was very protective of his food!

Now, Alfie takes lead role, with Molly hiding in his legs but Charlie has decided he will now ‘rule’ the universe and pushes to the front, often climbing into Alfies bowl to eat Alfies food!

Even Stotts, Charlies own cat, has decided to come in and queue, so its still busy but in a different way.

I dreamt about Jake last night and this morning, am wondering if the animals did too: Molly is on the sofa and Alfie has ‘stepped back’ as if allowing Jake in first. Charlie is out on the wall and Stotts nowhere to be seen.

We all miss Jake but he’s still got us all under his control!

Category: Cyprus Villas News