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1st January 2010

The boys are back in town………

The last checkin to a villa in Coral Bay was on behalf of the owner, direct. I was looking forward to meeting his sister who arrived on a very delayed flight. Sitting on the wall in the peace of the evening, I suddenly realised I was not alone and got the shivers….

Looking tentatively towards what I could sense was another being, I saw a cheeky white kitten who looked like he was wearing a black mask and beard. Encouraging him to come to see me, he looked over his shoulder and beckoned his “gang” to join him. One, two , three, four then five little kittens appeared. Each more colourful than the other and all cute as buttons, they gathered around Mask and stared at me…….

I wanted to pick them all up and bring them home but they had other ideas. Little ginger tail came for a cuddle whilst the rest of the wily gang spread out and headed separately towards the door of the villa, which I’d opened earlier for the ease of the guests. I wasn’t quite quick enough to stop all of them getting in – one snuck into the kitchen and hid but the other five were kept firmly outside.

Working on the theory that the kitchen kitten would run away when the lights went on and people appeared , was wrong. We walked in to find him on the settee, snoozing and looking none too pleased about being disturbed!

Thankfully the guests loved the gang – including their squatter – and when I went today, they were feeding the little tinkers.

Methinks I’ll have to bring them home for safety- and to see them terrorise Jake! 6-1 is about right!

Category: Cyprus Villas News