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18th March 2020

The Birds Are Still Singing!

What a strange time we are all living in, at the moment. Without doubt, the air is filled with fears and worries, pain and lack of trust – and it’s so very sad that it is….

Okay, there is a genuine ”monster” lurking unseen across most of the World right now but how lucky are we that it’s made itself known/is being chased and care is being taken to get it under control?

There will be losses – tragically, they’ve started in terms of loss of life but everyday, people die worldwide – unbelievably , millions from hunger! In a world of excess? Doesn’t make sense. Nor does being so very scared of a temporary blip in a lifetime of opportunity and hope. My grandparents generation, who fought and lived through World War 2, must be disappointed in the lack of fortitude in some of the human race right now. We could each do with putting the daily updates, in the hands of some of these elders, so they can share their wisdom and strength, I reckon.

Across Cyprus, many are running scared. An island whose lifeblood is tourism, is on shutdown for the foreseeable future and that is most definitely going to hurt the economy and those of us who live and work here BUT this island also thrives on the warmth and goodness, courage and faith of it’s people – and right now, I’m deeply grateful to be part of it all.

Work has ceased but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the sea is gently teasing the shore. Plants and shrubs are in blossom and the goats are roaming the hillside. We can still talk to one another, laugh, cry, love and fight! And there isn’t anything stopping a kind deed or smile being given. It’s all about how we face this and how we choose to feel about it.

Am I scared? Yes, a little but only for an instant when I let the gremlins into my brain. Then my heart takes over and I’m counting my blessings: being alive, being challenged, being able to think/breathe/write/read and listen – and being here right now, listening to the birds singing in the garden.

Today is the only surety – and, as it’s all we’ve got, let’s sing with the birds and let the worries fly away….

keep well. x

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