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12th July 2020

The Bikini Bus!

OMG! I feel so rich! For the first time in my life, I’m the owner of not only two but FOUR bikinis!

And two of them fit!

Well, fit where they touch, LOL!

I’ll explain…… A woman of in her ” late summer” in terms of years – well probably into Autumn but I don’t want to think about that! – I don’t really like shopping. Actually, I HATE shopping for anything other than flowers and ”stuff” for the house like eg colourful ”bits of crap” . I drive Tony, my husband mad because I won’t shop for things women are supposed to shop for (am I upsetting people here? I hope not! Women Shopping Matters!). Anyway, I’m not a shopper for clothes but then when I need clothes, I bemoan the fact I don’t have the ones I need! (Where is the clothes fairy when you need her?).

Don’t worry. Am long passed the days of naked checkins – I am joking! WHY would anyone go naked and would I really want to scare the guests? ! I have clothes, I just don’t like the clothes I have. Simple!

So, a recent plea to my baby sister about Big Summer being here and Big Sister not having a bikini which wasn’t frayed at the bum cheeks (!) or falling apart , got her to go SHOPPING!

Am SO happy! not one but 4 bikinis arrived! Two, in colours I would wear anyway and two in, well, baby sister, living out loud colours but they are fab too! Not that I’m going to be seen in public wearing any of them . Tummies number 7 and 8 are too shy to be seen in public and these lovely, colourful and EXCELLENT Value bikinis from a superstore near you in the UK are too , well, ” fitting” to be seen in public even if the tummies tribe were under control – but you’ve no idea how exciting it is to have a choice! Of bikinis. Not tummies!

Reading the papers today, I realised that there would never be a headline about me which included, “” And showing off her weight loss and toned abs””……..but there are worse things!

I’ve got four bikinis! Should I sew them together to make one which ACTUALLY fits? …..

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